What is a grid-tied solar PV system?

A grid-tied solar PV system’s output is directly linked through your meter to the utility lines that normally provide you with electricity. The grid both effectively “stores” any excess power produced by your PV system and supplements power when your demand for electricity is greater than your on-site solar production.

Do grid systems work in power outages?

Due to safety regulations, a grid-tied solar PV system will automatically shut down during power outages. If continued power is essential, you can now pair your solar energy system with a battery back up system. Batteries provide the same functionality as a generator but are able to be charged by your solar system. Premier Solar is a preffered GENERAC battery dealer.

What is a solar photovoltaic system?

A photovoltaic (solar electric) system converts the sun’s light energy into electricity by producing direct current (DC) in the PV panels. The DC current is sent to an inverter that converts the DC current to alternating current (AC) for general use in your house or business.

How much does a solar electric system cost?

Many factors determine the final cost for a grid-tied PV system, such as: electricity consumption (how much you use in your home), system size, type of mounting system, and various other installation details. There are a number of incentives on both the Federal and State level avaiable.

How long will my PV system last?

Premier Solar Solutions uses PV panels with a 25-year limited warranty. Although panels have a useful life expectancy of more than 30 years, it is normal for panels to slowly degrade as they age, causing some reduction in output. Inverters have a 10-year warranty but you can expect to replace them after 12-15 years. Even with the cost of service and repairs, which are very minimal, the systems are very reliable and cost effective.

How many solar panels will I need?

The number of solar PV panels you need depends on your electricity needs, your goals, and system design. We can give you an idea about your system needs in a matter of minutes.

Who takes care of all the paperwork and permitting?

When you invest in a solar PV system, Premier Solar Solutions will take care of all paperwork and permitting associated with your installation. We make going solar easy for you!

Is my roof right for solar panels?

Solar panels work best on roofs that are:

  • Flat or south-facing
  • Clear of equipment like vents or HVAC units, etc.
  • Sunny! Look for a spot with minimal shade from trees or nearby buildings.
  • Structurally sound and with a remaining life expectancy of 20 years
While the above criteria make for an ideal situation, they do not necessarily rule out other rooftop situations.

Will my system work in the winter or at night?

Your system will produce electricity during daylight hours. On particularly cloudy days or at night, your solar energy system will not generate electricity and your power will be provided by our energy grid. Solar panels work best in cool, sunny weather.

Will my system require maintenance?

Once your installation is complete, there is no specific maintenance that needs to be performed by a technician or contractor. However, washing your solar panels a few times a year helps your system run at its best.

What is a net meter and how does it work?

A net meter measures the difference between the energy produced by a customer's own generator (e.g., solar) and the energy that customer uses from their supplier's grid. Customers who generate their own electricity via a solar system are able to transfer any electricity they do not use back into the grid in exchange for credits on their utility bill. This transfer of energy for credits has the potential to reduce a customer's monthly electricity bill.

How much electricity will my solar energy system generate?

Premier Solar Solutions will generally try and build a system to offset your annual energy (kilowatt-hour) usage. The actual amount of energy generated by the system at any given time depends on both the availability and intensity of the sunlight.

How long will the installation take?

The solar PV installation itself usually takes between two and five days, depending on the size and scale of the job. However, the entire process can take up to two to four months due to the permitting and application process.